Roach Control

Possibly one of the most antagonizing pests to have within your home, roaches are also one of the most common and difficult insects to get rid of. Homeowners typically know these pests have been around for millions of years, populate very quickly, and like to be in dark, moist areas. But what else should you be aware of if you're worried about an infestation? 

Roaches are quick to make their home within walls, attics, and garbage and have an average lifespan of 60 days. One thing some people don't realize, though, is that a clean house can still suffer from an infestation. This hitchhiker doesn’t discriminate. That is why regular maintenance and inspections from a local pest control company can be your first line of defense. They'll be able to find larvae nests or potentially attractive spaces insects may look to inhabit. A clean space can, however, help to facilitate control.

Out of the hundreds of species of roaches, you're more likely to find the German, Brown-Banded, Oriental, and American species within your home. While the type of roach may not be the first thing on your mind when you see it skittering across your kitchen, recognizing the different types can help you and the pest control exterminator determine the best course of action. Each species has a different larvae period, and some populate faster than others. 

As a home or business owner attempting to keep your space pest-free, you may be wondering how and why they're getting in. Researchers are continuously looking into what attracts various species and how to develop better baits and traps. It seems that just when they may have figured something out, the pest develops a resistance to it.

While there are certain factors you can't prevent (landscaping, tree density, soil type, etc.), there are precautions you can take to reduce the spread after accidentally bringing home unwelcome tenants. Quickly throw away cardboard or food containers since these are great food sources. Corrugated cardboard specifically is very attractive to roaches because they'll eat the cardboard and the glue binding while also using the spaces in it to breed. Consistently clean surfaces that may become greasy, especially the stove, kitchen surfaces and floors, and even the dining room table. Finally, keep an eye out for initial warning signs like droppings, eggs, musty smell, or shed skins.

If not treated early enough, an infestation can number in the tens of thousands. One single mated German female can produce thousands of offspring in a year. Our roach control professionals are trained to locate, target, and eliminate multiple levels of the problem, from the active adults to the nests and larvae. Here at Desert Castle Pest Control, our focus is on exterminating current nuisances and preventing future worries by identifying problem areas, creating a preventative plan, and regularly maintaining service checks. We can schedule an inspection and provide a free evaluation to determine the best course of action for your household. Whether roaches, antsspiders, and many more pests, call us today to learn more about why we're Mesa's #1 choice for roach control services.